Before and After

We found these chairs sitting on a porch. We boldly asked the owners if we could buy them, and we did! We got them really cheap but they were in bad shape from neglect. We thought driving by that they were eames herman miller shells, but when we got up close we realized they were kruger chairs. But they were so unique!

This last weekend we went to work on the chairs. Sitting outside for who knows how long, they had absolutely no finish left on them, which meant it was bare fiberglass. So I had never even sat in them because they were itchy. They had embedded dirt, and splatters of paint and stains from water in the seats. After a surface washing, this is what they looked like.

We worked on sanding them (wet sanding so we don't get fiberglass dust in our lungs), getting the fiberglass smooth, and it also took away a lot of the stains, dirt and paint.

They looked so much better after sanding them! They have some permanent stains but they are so much better!

Tyler worked on the sealing. We used Penetrol, which restores color and conditions fiberglass. We thought that the chairs were white, but actually they are a creamy off-white, a color we never really saw. They were white after sanding, but would be a pinkish when wet. Because of sun bleaching and water stains, the color is not completely even, but they look so much better! (and they are safe to touch)

I would love to someday get them painted different colors that would make them look brand new! We still have to seal the backs, but they are almost finished.

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  1. those chairs are amazing. great job with the restoration.


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