lastest estate sale part 1

Lately it feels like my full time job is checking craigslist and getting stuff for our new apartment. Over the last year, I have honed my skills for the estate sale scour. I routinely find things hidden in basements, and I have found some of my greatest finds where the normal browser would overlook. This weekend, I spend about 3 hours at an estate sale that wasn't really big, but it was packed. It was the home of a couple that had no family and they saved everything I mean everything. She was a crafter that did everything from sewing, macrame, embroidery, tatting, quilling, loom beading, etc... etc...(I think it painted me a picture of my future). He was a phone repairman and his hobby was photography. And they put everything into hundreds of tiny boxes and drawers and put a label on it. And I went through almost all of them.

Lately I expressed to Tyler how I waned to learn calligraphy. These were in a cigar box in a closet. 50 cents.

Whenever I enter the home of an avid embroiderer, I always try to find these. My first oval one.

I got 3 of these to help organize my crazy thread collection.

I found a bunch of these under a table and behind boxes. These are not all of them, I bought about 15.

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