thrift finds

We found these pieces at a thrift store this weekend. We had our hopes on a table at an estate sale, but we didn't get it. These were a good consolation with a tiny price tag. I hope to paint these, and maybe try out some different techniques. We have been searching for similar 1960s style dining sets and buffets. We still have some things to find, but we have a few weeks left. I expect that this summer I will have a lot of work to do. But I am so excited to furnish and really make our new space our own. Consider this the before picture!



Yesterday I went with some friends to pick some strawberries. It was a really hot and humid day here, probably the hottest so far this summer. It was fun, I took way too long to try and pick out all the perfect berries, but I knew what they were for! I was finally going to try and make a tart. It turned out really good. we didn't have a tart pan so I used a springform pan, but it worked well. I can't wait to try other tarts, lemon curd, pastry cream, yum.

vintage finds!

We have been scouring craigslist the last couple weeks as we are trying to furnish our new place. So we have been able to get some fun things, not always the practical things we were looking for but fun.

This huge ceramic light hopefully will be up in our place, if I ever figure out how to get it to!

love these.


allen west fest

Hey everyone! Thanks for those who came and said hi and/or bought from me at the allen west festival. It was really a fun and new experience for me. I haven't lived here long enough to go to the festival, so I had a good time. Had the salty caramel ice cream, so good! Buffalo is so fun in the summer!
I will be stocking my etsy store soon, I'm moving soon so hopefully I will start to this week or next week. I will post sets of magnets and postcards.

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