ode to a sketchbook 1

my sketchbook, beaten in and always with a muji .38 tucked inside.

While in school, my professors always stressed having a sketchbook. I tried multiple times to start one, I would buy a new moleskin, and then nothing would come. I was too afraid to touch it and mess it up with my doodles. Then about a year and a half ago, I bought a notebook that I wanted to use to take my class notes. It was pretty cheap, it was grid paper, and it was about 300 pages. Having never even completed a notebook or journal before, I just thought I would try this out. At the beginning I just took notes while we discussed corporate takeovers and the ethics of buying local in design class. I loved to doodle in it, because I love grid paper. It took until march or April to really start using it regularly. I started keeping everything important in it, and having all my to-do lists, grocery shopping and everything else.

It became a no pressure place to do whatever I wanted, a place for Tyler and I to come up with new things, for him to draw funny caricatures, and actually make life decisions.

Once I got to new york for my internship, I started really drawing patterns and coming up with new designs. I also had time every day home on the PATH to write down my thoughts and it became my journal. It became my resource for everything, I never went anywhere without it and I wrote everything down. I grew to love that book, and I have had many if not all my latest designs come from sketches and doodles while waiting at the airport, in church, or anywhere. I just filled up the last few pages, and I was really sad. But I found another one to replace it, but I'm sad that I have to break it in. I wanted to share some of my favorite pages and examples of how my sketchbook became my most important and valued possession.

I tucked these pictures in to keep them safe, and it's always fun to see them again.

Tyler and I made that dino die cut while we were visiting his sister's classroom.

I was fascinated with palm reading charts and traced my huge hand one day at church.


needle felting

In this month's MSL, I love the story that Corinne did with needle felting. I so want to make that blanket and pillows! On the crafting blog, she went through the process of getting the story ready for the photo shoot. It's a good example of all the work that it takes to get a story ready to print. It was so awesome to be able to be a part of the process while I interned there. I love this story because it reminds me of a japanese craft book. I'm going to showcase some of my favorite books soon. We have been busy doing tons of refinishing projects, and I can't wait to show them off!


lovely danish


I have been loving the series on danish textile design on design sponge this summer. And it took until now that I realized that it was done by my friend and past drawing 101 classmate Brittney! We were able to reconnect last summer in NYC when we were both doing internships. She's the sweetest and I am so jealous of all that she has gotten to do. Textile design is my #1 all time love and ambition!

I haven't done any world traveling, but if I had my choice it would be these two places alone. Scandinavia and Japan. Where the best design is!


huckleberries! kind of.

When Tyler went out for a run on a mountain trail near our house last week, I noticed that online it said it was a great place for huckleberries. So I really wanted to check it out because huckleberries are awesome. We went yesterday and there was a bunch of people there. We searched it out, and I found some huckleberry bushes, but there was mostly blueberries. So I picked blueberries, and a few huckleberries, and then the bugs came out and picked me. So I sat in the car and waited for Tyler's run to be over.

I got just enough to make berry-cinnamon-oat pancakes. I might go there again but early in the morning, and with bug spray.





our new lamp + thrift store find.

What a week! I have been working really hard to get this room painted. It took some primer and a few coats of paint, but it is finally done. By the end I was really second guessing the color, but I think that's because it gave me such trouble. But now I like it, it really brightens the room. (Tyler picked out this color, I guess pink was better than purple). Next step is to get the furniture back in there, refinished, and refinish the bed, get new curtains, and I will eventually make a new quilt and pillows for the bed, all in a soft muted color palette.

Turns out this may be the only room we paint. Our landlord suddenly feels an attachment to all the rest of the colors. I think that he thinks we are going to paint them weird colors, but if I could I would just paint everything white. Why can't I just have one white room? Why?

ps. did you notice how tiny our bed is? Yep, we downsized to a full size. And we don't mind a bit. It does change the whole argument of "you're taking up too much space" when you look over and you realize there isn't any. Our pillows are begging for breathing room!



Moving into this house, we have started a bunch of projects. Tyler has started refinishing our coffee table and side table, and then will start on our bedroom set probably next week. It's a big undertaking, but I am excited for everything to come together! Moving in, every room was painted a color. 5 different colors in the whole house. The bathroom is the only one we will probably not change, it's a nice mint green. But everything else I do not like. I feel no connection to these colors, and so I want to change them. I feel like I need to own the colors on my walls, and right now I do not. Here is what I have been thinking so far.

I would love to paint the living room a pale gray, the tan matches our couches too closely and it is too dark in my opinion for a room that has no overhead lighting. (and it reminds me of a flesh color). I just want a neutral color, where our furniture and artwork can stand out.

This extra bedroom I would love to make my studio space. I am adoring purples right now especially plum and purple gray tones.

This is the color we have picked out so far for our bedroom. It's a nice peachy color, very light. I hate the blue, it reminds me of a little boy's bedroom. I was hoping for a purple color but I realized that it really wasn't going to work here.

We are going to paint the bedroom first, the living room is a big job which also entails probably painting the gray-blue stairway and upstairs hallway. It's an okay color but it would clash with another gray. I wish it was just painted all white!

after all that we will probably paint the china hutch and buffet. so much to do!


turkey time.

I have been making lots of food lately that I can freeze. I love the idea of making it once and eating it twice (or more). Veggie enchiladas, turkey burgers, brown rice and black beans. I decided to do that for one of my favorite things to eat that I always seem to forget about, potstickers. I decided to make turkey ones, and used a martha recipe as a guide, but pretty much veered far off into experimentation. I made enough to make all 60, which I cooked some for dinner tonight, and froze the rest, enough to eat 3 more times.

this turkey looks awfully red and meat-y. sorry to post a raw meat picture.

thanks to ayumi for teaching me how to do this.

so good dipped in soy sauce.

based on this recipe.
makes approximately 60

1 lb ground turkey
2 finely grated garlic cloves
1/4-1/2 cup finely grated carrot
1/4 cup finely grated zucchini
5-6 green onions chopped fine
1/4 Tablespoon powdered ginger (or 1 tablespoon freshly minced)
generous sprinkle of red chile flakes
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon or so of spicy orange sauce (used wegmans brand)
2 teaspoons coarse salt
1 teaspoon pepper

Mix it all together well. Put about one teaspoon on a wonton wrapper, and seal with water.
Freeze extras (uncooked) on a baking sheet for an hour and then put into bags.

Heat non-stick pan to medium/high with some olive oil. Put in dumplings for one minute on each side until they are browned, about 1 minute. Put in 1/4 to 1/2 cup water in pan and cover with lid and steam for 3-4 minutes. Put in warm oven and then repeat with the rest in batches until done. Serve and dip in soy sauce with extra green onions thrown in.


spoils of the weekend

Tyler and I found some thrift stores around town. There are only 4, and the two we went to were pretty good. One was all furniture and housewares and the other was all clothes.

One had an awesome craft section, Tyler had to pry me away.

more hoops!

pips. Which are stamens for flower making. Don't know what I'll do with them, but in the collection they go.

never pass up the rick rack.

tyler found this big bag of buttons. I am trying to restrain myself from more button buying, but I couldn't resist! There were some goggily eyes in there asking to be mine.


found these at an estate sale/yard sale. No idea what a toilet pin is, but I love the packaging.

found a pair of these old wind up alarm clocks from the 60s. I love that they had a brown/charcoal halfdot pattern.

burlap sack. I love the colors.


In the oven

I bought some plums at the market this week, I thought they were nectarines, but I got home, plums they were. They were alright, really pretty hard and I'm not sure if that's what they are supposed to be like. I didn't want them to go to waste, so I decided to make this rustic tart. Which really is a pie. I followed the recipe pretty much, I added whole wheat flour because I didn't have cornmeal. I also just did a water wash on the outside and sprinkled it with a healthy amount of sugar.

Voila! Turned out great, the plums were really soft and the sugar outside made an amazing crunch. I added some freshly whipped cream and it was heaven. I can't even imagine how good this would be with peaches!
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