bitty bed.

gingie bed

One of my projects to do has been to make gingie a little pillow bed. She absolutely loves curling up in a blanket, and I love to watch her "root" (or dig feverishly) before she lays down. She has been sleeping on a fleece blanket in her favorite spot on the chair, and it just had to go. I found a tutorial in the new martha stewart sewing book to turn a pillow and cover into a pillow with squared edges, which seemed perfect. I used fabric that I found at a thrift store a couple weeks ago. Let's face it, pretty much all my fabric is from thrift stores. I made an envelope style pillow cover, and an 18 inch pillow form. I had in mind making it about 19 inches square, but it ended up a little smaller than that. I was afraid that gingie wouldn't like it, but she soon adopted it as her favorite spot and is content to lay there for hours.

The light has been terrible yesterday and today, it's absolutely freezing and rainy. It's a little sad to have our heat kick back on, but I wouldn't trade that for hot humidity.


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