brunch pizza

For a really late brunch Sunday I made breakfast pizza. I have made it a couple times before, but this time I had some pizza dough left over from making calzones, which was fresh dough I bought at Wegmans (not frozen). I always make my own, but decided to try it because it was really cheap, and I had heard it was pretty good. It was the best pizza ever. Next time I am going to get the whole wheat dough. I usually make whole wheat dough for pizzas that are really thin and crispy, but the texture and elasticity of this dough is awesome. That crust made Tyler the happiest boy in the world.

This weekend while working on a project (I can't let you peek until next week) I watched the BBC series Emma. I loved it, but I always love a Jane Austen. Movies like P&P (both versions), Sense and Sensibility, and Emma I have watched dozens and dozens of times, I used to play them on repeat when I would have to pull all-nighters for school. I need to add this version to my collection. I also watched Bright Star, which was great also, I had to watch it after Abby recommended it. Really beautiful. I really adore highly stylized movies, which is probably why I love movies like Wes Anderson's so much.

Hope your weekend was great, and maybe you don't live in a place with awful humidity. blah.


  1. The pizza looks great. If I can find already made dough (alas, no Wegmans here), I'll try it. Dave loves pizza. Recently, while working on a quilt, I watched the 6 hr. P&P for the umpteenth time, and enjoyed it as much as the first.

  2. I'm not much on watching movies a second time, but I could watch any of the Jane Austens over and over. Check out Persuasion (any version!) or Sense and Sensibility, or Mansfield Park.

  3. Now im really hungry! Looks delicious. Oh yes, give me some Jane Austen and unlimited tea ANY day!


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