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Doing spring cleaning has made take inventory of my many young collections, one of them is my button collection. I gathered many of them in Buffalo at estate sales, and I bought 6 weck asparagus jars to keep them. I love weck jars, and this way I could separate them into colors: warms, blues, greens/purple, metal, black and mother-of-pearl. Do you realize how dirty bags of buttons are? (my sister-in-law with a button phobia could probably tell you all about it) I soaked them all in soapy water, and scrubbed them to take off decades of dust and dirt, rinsed and dried them. I have stopped buying buttons for a while, I have two other jars full of plastic ones.

I hope to document some of my collections over time. Do you have a new collection you're starting?


  1. oooooh, I love love buttons, and separating them out in jars by color is so pretty. So visually interesting. I dont have nearly enough buttons for something like that - but I'm feeling inspired :-)

  2. wow. so many and so pretty. i love those jars too.

  3. I collect buttons and I enjoy making things with them and am always looking for new ideas. I particularly like interesting shaped and coloured buttons that are made from unusual materials. I go round charity shops and boot fairs in the UK and some are in a terrible state when I get them and I also have to wash them in soapy water but I never want to throw any away whatever condition they are in. My collection is growing and I keep finding myself having to re categorize them. I have enjoyed your blog and you have definitely inspired me to write one myself

  4. Hey! Can I buy some of those from you pretty pwetty please???????? Those could come in handy for my decor and crafting!!!!!!!!!


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