brand new


Remember this guy? Well he got a face-lift and is now one of the focal pieces of our living room. I love how it turned out. It is so fun to transform thing we find at thrift stores. Now I need to re-style our mantle. It suddenly has a lot of room now that we shifted things around. I am dying to paint the inside of our now sealed up fireplace, or do something. It seems like getting done with one project always leads to another.


  1. Love it. My projects seem to spawn other projects too. It just takes me years instead of days to get them done. I'm impressed.

  2. reminds me I still have stuff to spray paint white. Like it! Also, where are your Tyler made meals posts? I miss them. (Don't tell me he's slacked off on his Christmas present!) Nothing like experimental food. And they are useful when I make menus.

  3. sorry mal! I will be better updating our meal adventures. Last night we made the best pizza of our life, but we ate it before I could even stop to get a picture.

  4. it looks fantastic! what a great project :)


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