snuggle bug

Today I am trying to try up some loose ends. I have a few packages to get into the mail, so I've been wrapping and taking photos. My quilt got its inaugural wash and dry, and it now is perfectly puckered. I love how much better quilts get when they are washed. I set it down and Gingie took maybe a half second to jump up and claim her spot. A thunder storm rolled in, and I found out that she is terrified of them. She snuggled up next to me, all while shivering so violently that she was panting. So silly. Tyler is now done for the semester, so we had a nice lunch of warm egg strata while the rain pounded outside.

What do you do on rainy days?


  1. I am eating an egg sandwich as hail is violently pouring down outside. Wish I had a gingie to snuggle with!

  2. so cute!! that quilt looks beautiful btw!

  3. It's been the first sunshiney day in Boise for a few days, but yesterday, on the rainy day, I had leftover pizza, although on Friday, another rainy day, I did have an egg sandwich, too! And I wish I had Gingie to snuggle with. When it's rainy, I love to sew or read or do some handwork. Max was scared of thunder, too. At the first crack, he had his paws on the side of my bed (too high for him to jump up to in his older years)and when I pulled him up, he would crawl under the covers to the very bottom of the bed, as if that would save him! The quilt and gingie look fabulous! What's egg strata? I know it's layers of...egg?

  4. those are the sweetest photos!
    when cold, I like to drink tea, watch british films and wear my handknit socks. when warm, I like to listen to the music really loud and paint/draw.

  5. Gingie looks so snuggie. How lucky she is to have you to love and protect her. I'm so tired of the cold and I actually like cold weather better than hot.


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