thrift trip

 Today Tyler and I made a little road trip to one of our favorite towns nearby to go to some thrift stores. (I forgot my camera, again! one day I'll be able to document it.) It was a fun trip, we didn't get too much, a couple shirts between us, two glasses, and this chair. We got it at a rummage/back garage of a thrift shop for 3 dollars. The upholstery is in pathetic condition, but I am determined to make this a summer project to redo it, and even redo the vinyl upholstery to match. I love the shape of the chair, and it is perfect for a little desk space that we are making for Tyler. I love finding cheap finds like this that I can learn from, I don't worry too much about messing it up. Adding it to our many many projects for the summer. Tyler has already gotten really busy this week, can't wait to show them all off!

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  1. awesome find, and only $3?! excited to see how you transform it!


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