week wrap up.

weekend project
weekend project
Late friday post. It's been a busy week, I've had things looming over my head. Aha! Crafty pun!

I've been saving all my leftover yarn, for something, and this weekend I'm going to use it to make one of these. Or two. I've got a lot of tiny yarn balls. Busting out the big needles, this is serious business!

This week's fleeting (tomorrow it will be back to the 30's) warm weather got me thinking about my garden. This post helped me feel positive about trying again this year. And I got this book to help me.

I've made this twice this week. Best. Banana. Bread. I made it once with chocolate chips, and I have to say, I prefer it slightly without, but that's not saying I won't do it again.


  1. hahaha, i love puns. my brain is fried from designing financial charts all day, or else i'd make one in response to this post.

    also, i think i'll be having some garden adventures this year too. excited about that and look forward to seeing what you do as well.

    happy weekend!

  2. oh my. that sounds so delicious. i think i'll have to pick up the ingredients i don't have & make it this week!!

    also, the puff looks AWESOME! have fun making it :)


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