it's hot.

cool down
cool down
Like everyone else in the east, I'm trying to avoid the heat by just parking in front of my AC all day. Now I remember why I hate summer. I almost fell in love, and then it jilted me. I wilt in the heat. My sister just had to tell me that it's 63 degrees in Portland today.

I gave gigi a bath today to try and cool her down. Animals must get so hot with their fur. At least the heat is helping my garden, my peppers are going crazy! Hope you all stay cool, and have a popsicle.

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  1. Kenzie, I love how much you and I both hate the summer heat. I feel bad about it sometimes, because most people long for the summer. But when I read a post like this, it encourages me that I'm not alone. I think I could thrive in Portland, where the sun is usually hiding behind clouds and the weather stays cool. But instead, I, like you, am hiding in the shadows on my house sitting next to my fan. Haha! Autumn can't come soon enough!


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