put an egg on it.

so here are all the pictures of the food we ate on our trip to portland. This is not everything we ate, but most of it. I think my sister made fun of me quite a few times for declaring things "the best _____ ever," but what can I say, I'm passionate. One thing I craved but got shot down every time by the peanut gallery was a crisp bean burrito from taco time (west coast fast food chain). It's a food from my childhood, you try one of those dipped in ranch and tell me it's not magic. I'm no food snob.

oh and the total weight gain: 1 lb. Jazz hands! 

pdx food tour pdx food tour pdx food tour
meat cheese bread: right from the airport we went here and I had a mushroom sandwich. Mal had a sandwich with green beans on it, which was really good.
voodoo doughnuts: this place is a tourist trap, so take it or leave it, but it was near where we were driving and I have a weakness of my favorite trifecta of sprinkles, maple glaze and cinnamon sugar on one doughnut called the blunt.

 pdx food tour pdx food tour pdx food tour
pine state: this place is perfection (love the alberta location). One of my all time favorites. Mal and I shared the Reggie deluxe, a beautiful composition of flaky biscuit, fried chicken, cheese, bacon, sausage gravy with an egg on top. sigh.
salt and straw: really great ice cream, I had the cinnamon snickerdoodle and almond brittle, but almost went for the strawberry balsamic and black pepper.
tam tam: place we went for banh mi, and pho, which was alright, but not amazing. I just found a place on yelp, but it was decent.

pdx food tour pdx food tour pdx food tour pdx food tour
Nickolas: We went here for Lebanese food and they brought out delicious pitas the size of a pizza to share. Huge portions, easy to share. 
Waffle Window: We went here for dinner, after such a late lunch. This place is also a must. Their sugary waffles are so good. I had one with huckleberries, and lemon panna cotta.

 pdx food tour pdx food tour pdx food tour pdx food tour
Broder: I had been wanting to go here so badly, after having so many friends recommended it, and I love anything Scandinavian. All their items we had were so great, totally worth the hour wait.
pix: always has great macarons.
taco truck: this place is near Mal's house (I'll update the name and address when I get it), true dollar tacos. We had the Al Pastor and they were so good, and the homemade aqua fresca and horchata were delicious.

pdx food tour pdx food tour pdx food tour
baker and spice: this wonderful bakery right by mal's house is a great place to eat for breakfast or lunch. The people that help are so friendly, and everything is so good. I alway have to have their crumb cake, which is fulfills all your dreams of a crumb cake with more crumb than cake. And they always oblige with a center piece request.
native bowl: this vegan food cart has a great rice bowl, but if I had a request, I'd put an egg on top.
homemade cake: mal and I always attempt some large thing to bake. We made a chocolate layer cake with salted caramel frosting and whipped ganache.

pdx food tour pdx food tour pdx food tour
clyde common: this place never fails to make a perfect evening. I've had such good memories here, it's just a place you want to bring those you care about, and share some really fresh seasonal delicious food.
ruby jewel: this ice cream place was a nice place to go at night, I had a strawberry lemon pudding ice cream sandwich with lemon cookies.

pdx food tour pdx food tour pdx food tour pdx food tour pdx food tour
Being our last day, we went out with a huge bang with a food cart feast. I want to relive this lunch every day.
euro trash: Jon got this prawn sandwich that had the most amazing coconut curry sauce.
Violetta: This place had the corn dog of my dreams. DREAMS. BEST. EVER. Sweet cornbread batter with huge beef hog dog. Jon (my sister's husband) had never had a corn dog in his life and this one took his virginity.
Lardo: this cart is epic, I got the double burger with pork belly, and when I asked to get an egg on top, the man said "nice! That is going to be beautiful." He was right. Mal got the banh mi, which was really good also. Would maybe get that again over the burger. Their fries with fresh sage and parmesan were like candy. salty candy.  


  1. Oh, this post makes me miss PDX so much. I think if I moved there all I would do is eat. Next time I visit I will have to try Pine State and Clyde Commons, they sound delicious.

  2. so....hungry....want to eat...NOW!

    looks like an amazing trip! :)

  3. Yum. I miss Portland food so much! Every time I go back I have to get the crisp meat burrito. Taco time forever!

  4. This just made me want to relive every second of the trip. And it's funny, I was just thinking about how instead of putting a bird on things, you would put an egg on it. :) Even if I eat the exact same things it won't be as good as when you were here! Except maybe that prawn sandwich, that thing was tasty. And I also gained a good pound, maybe a 1.5-2? Totally worth it.

  5. I love reading about food. And even better food in Portland. All the places I ate (except for a Thai restaurant) in Portland was the best ___ I ever had too. You went to so many places that were on my list but we just didn't have enough time to try.

  6. Holy cow, this stuff looks amazing! Especially the CORN DOGS! I LOVE CORN DOGS! It's almost enough to make me go off my vegan diet!

  7. wait wait wait. you went to a place called TAM TAM that had banh mi and pho? That is amazing! I have to go there. It's my namesake and my motherland all in one place!

  8. I've never been to Portland yet, but this post makes me want to jump on a plane and cross the country RIGHT NOW. It's not even 7 am on a Saturday, and I am now sosososo veeerrrry hungry. I gotta tell you, I'm impressed you only gained one pound eating like this! That's youth for you; at my advanced age I can put on five pounds just looking at all these photos ;)

  9. Where does your sister buy clothes for the little guy? I LOVE that little denim bodysuit! What a cutie.

  10. so, i was totally not hungry before reading your post... now i'm off to the kitchen to throw together something. wtcrap. that all looked so delicious. (esp. the crumbcake!)


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