rain. go away.

rain dog rainy day knit rainy day knit
 Like probably a lot of other people here in the east, it's been raining non-stop for almost 3 days. I'm starting to go a bit crazy, the constant gray and soggy everything. Although it does give me an excuse to just hunker down and knit. This project is to be a baby towel for my hairstylist who's having a baby soon. Hairstylists on maternity leave is a disease to pixie cuts. Why would she even think of doing this to me?

Today there the sun came out and I thought the rain was done. I took gigi out for a quick walk because gigi is such a diva and won't go outside in the rain without desperation (causing other problems). Halfway home and it started to rain again. And then it rained harder. I tried to take shelter under a tree, thinking about waiting it out, but decided to just run the half mile home.

But someone wasn't having it. My spry little pup went into diva mode and didn't want to walk at her usual fast pace and kept stopping. I literally had to pick up the soggy 8 lbs of beyonce and jog home the half mile.


  1. A friend recommended your blog to me, and I am very glad she did. Your rain story brightened my day (my dog also doesn't do the whole rain thing) and your photos are delightful and well taken. Look forward to seeing more posts!

  2. Sweet Gigi. She's a smart girl. Who was to melt in the rain? Love the towel. What kind of yarn and how big is it?

  3. that looks like squishy-yummy yarn!

  4. Ha! I hear you! (in regards to both the short hair AND the precious dog! But we wouldn't have it any other way would we?)

  5. haha dogs can be such funny creatures....especially at the wrong times! :D and i love the polish you are wearing. what a nice color.


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