a borrowed friend.

penelope penelope penelope
When I was in Portland, my sister and I were taking a short jog through a park and noticed a pack of goats clearing an area. A sign was advertising a "goats for rent" business. So Portland. Well here where I live, it's not so much a hip eco-friendly thing to do, but a country way of life. Tyler's friend has a goat at his house just to keep his grass short, and Penelope needed some more grass to eat so he brought her over to our house.

She's pretty tiny and cute, and pretty afraid of Gigi. They both have a high level of caution around each other, but I can sense some respect there. Gigi likes to nibble on grass occasionally, and I think she was curious why this animal was so focused on eating the grass that she started to eat some too.

It may be eco-friendly, but in the end, Penelope's got a different path than a goat in Portland. I can't get too attached because unlike those western goats, Penny doesn't have any room and board for the winter. I'll just say that.


  1. Oh my gosh. That makes me feel so sad for Penelope. It's times like this I really think I need to become a committed vegetarian. I wish we had grass so we could feed a goat. Ruby would love it!

  2. It IS sad, in the olden days that's how the people got their meat and they were grateful for the life that animal gave up to sustain them...we want to be connected to the land and the animals and there's always a price for that. It's hard nowadays when we just go to the store and see some hunk of meat in the store, not thinking it came from an actual animal...
    anyways. I'll get off my soapbox. :) Gigi is SO CUTE. I love her modeling your knits!

  3. ohhhh that's so sad :( she is so cute, wish she could be saved, i'll take her :)!!


  4. this is so funny, I can't believe there are actually goats for rent here! i've been joking for a while that i bet goats will be the next chickens here, i guess they actually are!

  5. They are both really cute! :-)


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