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Now that's it's December, I've been so busy working on all my handmade gifts and it's so hard to not be able to share them! I've done some new things that have been pretty fun, and the one I can show is my first kettle dyed yarn. I couldn't find the right color I wanted, and decided to try it out. I used Jacquard acid dyes, half purple half silver gray. I wanted the color to be a little more gray than it turned out, but I love the color so I don't mind. It was actually really easy to do, and I think I've spawned a new obsession to dye all my yarn.

I did pull the rookie move of tying my skeins with wool yarn so there are some lighter spots where they were tied, but it actually turned out to be a nice little variation in the color.

I'm getting ready to leave tomorrow for Idaho to see my family, so I'm rushing to get as much done as I can. I actually am in great shape, I'm almost done with all my gifts. I'll try and check in over the break, and definitely show off all my projects once they can be revealed.


jingle bells.

amish country amish country amish country amish country amish country amish country
Sorry for the radio silence for the last couple weeks. We spent a great Thanksgiving break at my brother-in-law's house in Indiana, where we watched a lot of wonder years and sister wives. Not to mention spend fun times with our family and watching Gigi boss around a yorkie like he was her slave.

On the 10.5 hour car ride home, I developed a viral strep infection. I highly recommend catching a terrible illness while trapped in a car, it's quite an experience. So last week I was battling that, and then of course all bad illnesses are piggybacked by some kind of sinus infection, so I was literally on the couch all week. Still not feeling great yet, but today for the first time in a week I can breathe through half of my nose, so I consider that a great victory.

My outside excursions have been limited, but this weekend we went out to a favorite Amish saddle shop of Tyler's in a nearby town. We were there to get some leather, and the shop didn't disappoint.

This shop was brightly lit with skylights, and you could see the gas lanterns that were placed for after the sun goes down. A woman with a simple dress and cap sat at a tiny desk next to thousands of rolaxdex files, where customer information is kept. The man helping us let us walk around the shop area to browse for what we needed and I was amazed with the ancient giant iron sewing machines they use for leather, all run with foot pedals and no electricity.

We were taken to a back area where the workers live to look at some stamps, and I got a shot of their clothesline. The people there are so kind, and I tried to snap photos discreetly and respect their wishes for not having them in any photography.

I picked out a few jingle bells that they have for horses, they have such a beautiful weight and simpleness to them with a such a true chime, perfect for Christmas.
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