adventures in cables.

lindsay's hat lindsay's hat mom dadhat jake
So many cables. Cables are shockingly simple to do, but make the greatest variations in knitting that make them look so complex. I knit these for my family for Christmas. From the top:

Lindsay: My sister-in-law's hat was probably my favorite one to make. Made from the softest baby suri, it was my first time doing bobbles. It's a great slouchy pattern that has a great textural effect. Ravelry link.

Mom: I wanted to do something snug and low profile, because she does a lot of athletic outdoor activities like skiing and snowshoeing, so this hat was great. I used a superwash merino yarn and it is a twisted rib with cables worked in for a subtle detail. It happened to match her coat perfectly without me even trying. Ravelry link.

Dad: I loved this pattern, and now I've made it three times since making this first one. A nice unisex hat. It's not very mindless, but it was my first time knitting from a chart and it was so easy to do that way. I'm a chart convert. Ravelry link.

Jake: My brother's hat was my only mess up. I made it too long, the pattern is way too long and I only removed one cable repeat when the last time I made it I removed two. The perfectionist in me was very disappointed and so he'll have another one coming to him, even though I know he's probably fine with rolling it a bit. Ravelry link.


  1. The hats are great and you have some terrific models!

  2. Absolutely incredible. You have such talent, your work is beautiful. I am so impressed.


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