one and not done.

half a pair
I got one sock done. Now I have to do the other one. Hopefully I won't have this turn into my mitten project. Making two of something is hard! Mentally I just want to move on. I guess I could learn how to make two at a time, I'll see if I get sock obsessed after this pair.

This one turned out well, the fit is good, but I feel like I can feel the stitches a bit when I walk. This is probably too simple of a pattern, I would like to do a toe-up version next time. A good place to start, and I didn't have to think about it much while I was making it or refer to a pattern.


  1. I'm at this stage too, one sock done and just can't find the motivation to start the second, it's like I proved to myself I could knit socks and now I have more skills to learn....!

  2. Looks so cool. Love the blue and the slight ribbing. Would be a shame for it not to have a twin.

  3. cute sock! i stopped making them after realizing that once they begin to feel really good, you're about a week away from holes in the soles. it can become a very $$$ habit!

  4. that yarn is so beautiful. your small ribbing is equally beautiful.
    saying that, i feel your pain.


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