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baby shawl baby shawl baby shawl
My first memory of learning the gory details of pregnancy was in 10th grade health. I had the typical health teacher, ex-baseball coach (fired for a mysterious incident that was never talked about), golf club always in hand, he taught us more in the "ways of the world" and about "real life." There were a lot of videos. He did take it very seriously, but he thought teaching from a book was ridiculous and so once a month we would partner up and complete a review of a chapter from the text just to meet the requirements so we could go back to discussing the meaning of life. (Go public school!)

One of the many videos we watched was about pregnancy and birth. He thought it was very important that everyone see a birth, especially since his wife was pregnant at the time. We knew it was coming for weeks and I think everyone was dreading it. I was, because I was totally terrified of childbirth. The day comes and he puts in a video from the late 70's. Now I don't remember too much about the actual birth part, I think I just closed my eyes most of the time.

The most vivid thing I remember is that they showed the woman knitting a sweater from the first trimester until birth. They kept showing this sweater coming together, this woman just sitting and knitting. There was a lot of knitting analogies, and animations of dancing knitting. Terrifying. I'm surprised I can even knit at all while I'm pregnant with those images burned in my brain.

Luckily I was not permanently scarred for life and all I've been doing is knitting. I knew I would knit some shawl collared sweaters for the baby, because they are my favorite sweaters for boys. Tyler has so many of them, we both are obsessed. I didn't love all the seaming in this sweater, I had to take it in so it wouldn't be boxy so the seams are a little bulky. I like the stitch pattern, it gave it a perfect grandpa vintage feel, and the merino yarn knit up so soft.

ravelry link here.


  1. Very cute! Great texture, too. I agree, a shawl collar has got to be one of the cutest!

  2. So awesome. I can picture it with a little bow tie going to church! And Mr. Peterson made me cry once in class. Full on, sobbing cry. So embarrassing. I think he was living in his own Dead Poet's Society dream for health teachers.

  3. wow, super cute jumper, he'll be the luckiest little boy!

  4. I'm in awe! I love the shawl collar as well. It's an amazing color and I love that texture. So cool!

  5. So adorable. Can't wait to see the little guy in it.


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