Arlo just born. Arlo and daddy Arlo 2 months old
first two: his first day. Last: 6 weeks. 

Meet Arlo Rollie Sasser. Born May 24th, 8:43 am 7lbs, 11 oz 20 and 3/4 inches long. Named for both our grandfathers, Marlow (mine) and Roland (his).

Arlo was born after a long time waiting. 60 hours of labor. I won't go into the whole birth story, but he was off center, his hand up to his face and posterior. My natural birth plan was in effect for almost 12 hours at the hospital, until I found out his position and after having intense contractions 30 seconds apart for 8 hours, and only progressing 2 cm, I was exhausted. I had the relief of an epidural which helped me to rest as it took 9 more hours until he was born. I had the most amazing support of Tyler and my doula, who were there for every second doing anything I needed.

After all was said and done, I am so happy with the way his birth went, and everything I did helped him to be born happy and healthy. He was born with the most shocking long white hair, the most pink/red skin, a heart shaped stork bite in between his eyes, and one left dimple.

He's the happiest of babies, with an easy temperament and lots of smiles to give. He makes me melt. Putting him to sleep in my arms is now my greatest of achievements.

It's been nice to have a few months to heal, adjust, and have him meet family. Now we are starting to settle into a routine, and I'm back from my self-induced maternity leave. Thanks for all the support.


  1. What a beautiful little peanut. Congratulations to you and your husband, and enjoy every moment with your lovely son. (Great name, too!)

  2. congratulations, so excited for you!!

  3. he's beautiful Kenzie! such a sweet face. congrats again to you! {love the middle name Rollie btw. so cute}

  4. he's so darling. and i love his full name (and the meaning behind it)! hope you've been adjusting well -- i'm still working on it!

  5. Congratulations Kenzie!! What a beautiful baby :)

  6. I never tire of looking at pictures of him. What sweetheart!

  7. You've got a beautiful baby there. He looks especially thoughtful in that last photo. Congratulations and glad to hear you had a good birthing experience.

  8. He's so beautiful, and it's lovely to see the almost newborn pic alongside his much older and wiser self :-)


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