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destress. destress.
This blog has been a journal about what I'm doing in the moment. Obviously, there has been a lot of knitting going on. My first trimester cooking large dinners sounded disgusting, so that's why my normal obsessing about food post have been diminished. Luckily this trimester I'm loving to cook again, and things are slowing feeling normal while also feeling so different.

I recieved this beautiful yarn for Christmas (color well water), destined for my first socks. I'm just doing a simple rib sock, and I'm won't be surprised if I have to rip it all out sooner or later. I'm not overthinking it, just the act of sitting and doing some mindless knitting with yarn that feels like silk through my fingers is my therapy right now. I have so many things going through my mind at times, and in those quiet moments I can just let them go.

For example yesterday, I spent over an hour at the grocery store putting together a perfect cart of food and things I needed. When I went to checkout, the lines were long and I panicked because I needed to get home so Tyler could get to a meeting on time. I had no choice, and I just had to leave my cart and walk out of the store so I could be on time. It was totally my fault, and I felt so frustrated and defeated. I got home, and just knit and knit. And then sweet Tyler went and got everything on my list (again) while I was at yoga. Things work out.


baby's first knit.

babies first knit babies first knit babies first knit
As you can imagine, I was very anxious to find out what we were having, for many reasons. Mostly for me so I could finally pick out yarn colors and start on baby projects. A couple days after the ultrasound, my sister and I went to the yarn store to pick out colors to start on a chevron blanket together. Made of the softest organic cotton by blue sky alpacas, this yarn has a great color palette to choose from to make this old-fashioned pattern feel modern.

It was a thrill to get my sister back into knitting, we learned together over 10 years ago and I kept at it while she didn't catch the bug. I'm hoping this will ignite a spark in her yet. There has to be a knitting gene in our DNA somewhere we share. I finished this while we were home for Christmas, and her pace is a bit slower, but I can't wait to see it. Her colors for her baby girl are gorgeous.

ravelry link


two hats for two boys.

jon's hat Tyler
Last of the hats! I promise. My husband and my sister's husband are very similar in what they like, and I wanted to make them the same hat. I liked this fisherman's style twisted rib beanie. But I did it two different ways. For my brother-in-law Jon I did the pattern as written, and for Tyler he wanted it longer. Jon wears it short, Tyler wears it long. Works for both. Ravelry link for Jon, link for Tyler.


adventures in cables.

lindsay's hat lindsay's hat mom dadhat jake
So many cables. Cables are shockingly simple to do, but make the greatest variations in knitting that make them look so complex. I knit these for my family for Christmas. From the top:

Lindsay: My sister-in-law's hat was probably my favorite one to make. Made from the softest baby suri, it was my first time doing bobbles. It's a great slouchy pattern that has a great textural effect. Ravelry link.

Mom: I wanted to do something snug and low profile, because she does a lot of athletic outdoor activities like skiing and snowshoeing, so this hat was great. I used a superwash merino yarn and it is a twisted rib with cables worked in for a subtle detail. It happened to match her coat perfectly without me even trying. Ravelry link.

Dad: I loved this pattern, and now I've made it three times since making this first one. A nice unisex hat. It's not very mindless, but it was my first time knitting from a chart and it was so easy to do that way. I'm a chart convert. Ravelry link.

Jake: My brother's hat was my only mess up. I made it too long, the pattern is way too long and I only removed one cable repeat when the last time I made it I removed two. The perfectionist in me was very disappointed and so he'll have another one coming to him, even though I know he's probably fine with rolling it a bit. Ravelry link.


Christmas hats: colorwork

twin hats
twin hats twin hats bright hearts bright hearts bright hearts
For these hats, I did colorwork for the first time in my knitting. It was really easy to do, and a fun technique. I made twin hats for Malorie and I, using the yarn that I dyed. This hat can either be worn slouchy or the brim folded up for a different look. I loved the way that they turned out, and the yarn was dreamy to work with. Ravelry link.

For my adorable niece Reese, I wanted to do something using a bright neon because she loves those colors. I remembered those crazy ski hats from my childhood that are so fun. I used an adult pattern that I modified to be child-sized. I think the hearts are so sweet, and the purple/lime combo a little modern. I loved seeing her face when she opened it up, she's such a cutie. Ravelry link.

Thanks for the love yesterday! I'm so happy I could share with all you, and I'm relieved it's out there now and I can talk about all my weird food cravings. :)


big stripes, baby stripes, double stripes.

so this has happened. . . baby1
and this. . . baby3
and this!

1. I'm having a baby!
2. It's a boy!
3. My twin sister is also having a baby!

I'm excited to share the news that Tyler and I finally took the big leap. (Not marriage, that was easy.) We are expecting a baby middle/end of May, and are thrilled. I guess it took me a while to get it out there, but I'm neurotic, so whatever. Sorry to Malorie for having me keep the news hostage for so long.

This would explain the lack of posts, for the first trimester or so it seemed like all I did was sleep. I had no motivation to do anything. I am beyond happy that Malorie is also pregnant, she's due just a week and a half after me. Some kind of twin miracle, I guess. I have loved going through this with her. We feel exactly the same, and I could call her and have her tell me what food to eat, our cravings are the same. Luckily the timing was perfect that we were able to get ultrasounds together when we were home to find out our genders. But I'll let her tell you what she's having. :)


winter elves.

theo's hat
theo's hat
theo's hat theo's hat
I'm back from my long Christmas break. We spent tons of time with family and ate way too much, so success. I'm glad to come back home and get more into a routine, I promise I'll be back here much more than earlier this year, I missed blogging.

Now I can finally show off my Christmas knitting, which was really fun this year. I made hats for my family, and each one was tailored to the recipient. It took a lot of time, but every project I learned something new.

First up, the cutest little beanies for my nephews, who are 17 and 18 months. Theo is pictured (in my nieces old snow gear), and sadly I didn't get a good picture of Noah in his hat, which was equally as adorable on his little noggin. I wanted to do this pattern because it had what I wanted, good ear flaps and ties to stay on a squirmy toddler, and a bit elfin. I wanted to embrace the cuteness of a pointy top while they are still young.

Knit up in a 100% merino superwash, they are super easy to care for, and not too bulky. The beehive ridges help it have some stretch so it is snug and comfy. Theo didn't even try and take it off once there was the distraction of snow to eat.

Want all the details? Here's my ravelry link to this project.
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