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I just got back from a great trip to see my sister in Portland. The last hurrah in a lot of ways. Last time I see her before we have our babies, last time I fly on a plane without a little one, last vacation with Tyler, and my last time in Portland for the time being (my sister will likely be moving away soon). Time just goes too fast. It was fun to go around Portland eating lots of delicious food with a twin baby bump. I'm sure we were quite the spectacle.

Of course I didn't come empty handed, I brought a few things I knit for my sister's little girl. I love that I can knit girl and boy things, best of both worlds.

For the sweater, I had ordered some yarn that I was hoping would be more monochromatic, like a tonal gray. Instead it was a bit more variegated with subtle tones of purple, gray, and even some spots of red and blue. I didn't like how it was knitting up, the stripey look really takes away from the lace pattern. But I always had the backup plan of dyeing it once it was finished if I didn't like the color. So that's what I did. I think the deep purple turned out great, and was so easy to do (but hard to photograph). ravelry link

I also knit some baby leggings with some self striping sock yarn. So fun! I tried to make them real small and stretchy so they will be snug on little legs. I don't like how sometimes they are all saggy. These are so fast to knit up, I think I will be making many more. ravelry link 


future academic.

baby shawl baby shawl baby shawl
My first memory of learning the gory details of pregnancy was in 10th grade health. I had the typical health teacher, ex-baseball coach (fired for a mysterious incident that was never talked about), golf club always in hand, he taught us more in the "ways of the world" and about "real life." There were a lot of videos. He did take it very seriously, but he thought teaching from a book was ridiculous and so once a month we would partner up and complete a review of a chapter from the text just to meet the requirements so we could go back to discussing the meaning of life. (Go public school!)

One of the many videos we watched was about pregnancy and birth. He thought it was very important that everyone see a birth, especially since his wife was pregnant at the time. We knew it was coming for weeks and I think everyone was dreading it. I was, because I was totally terrified of childbirth. The day comes and he puts in a video from the late 70's. Now I don't remember too much about the actual birth part, I think I just closed my eyes most of the time.

The most vivid thing I remember is that they showed the woman knitting a sweater from the first trimester until birth. They kept showing this sweater coming together, this woman just sitting and knitting. There was a lot of knitting analogies, and animations of dancing knitting. Terrifying. I'm surprised I can even knit at all while I'm pregnant with those images burned in my brain.

Luckily I was not permanently scarred for life and all I've been doing is knitting. I knew I would knit some shawl collared sweaters for the baby, because they are my favorite sweaters for boys. Tyler has so many of them, we both are obsessed. I didn't love all the seaming in this sweater, I had to take it in so it wouldn't be boxy so the seams are a little bulky. I like the stitch pattern, it gave it a perfect grandpa vintage feel, and the merino yarn knit up so soft.

ravelry link here.


bump watch

bump watch bump watch bump watch bump watch bump watch bump watch
Time has been passing way too fast. Seriously what has happened? I'm now in my last trimester, and the pressure is on! I can't believe that I'm shopping for car seats, room decorating and thinking about all those details. February seemed to be the month where I really popped (and got my first dye job ever! So fun). I went from a little bump to a big one, and fast! Now when I go to the gym I'm like a walking freak show people just stop and stare.

I'm lucky that I still feel pretty normal other than some typical things, and baby has gotten so big and active he's break dancing in my tummy all the time. I can still wear a decent amount of my clothes, before being pregnant I always wore loose, blousy tops, and now it's interesting how I am the opposite now and love snug things. I have some things that I think are still too big that I wore before.

Here are a sampling of instagram bump photos from February. My username is secret_pocket if you want to follow me, I may not be too good about updating here, but I'm always posting on there.

What have I been doing? Baby knitting! To share soon. 
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