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I am 34 weeks and 3 days. I'm officially at the stage where I just feel huge and uncomfortable. Not too extreme, but the thought of waiting for over another month sounds like forever. Sitting up in the morning takes all my energy, and I make a lot of groaning sounds.

Now at least spinning classes I get a little vanity boost because so many people are so impressed with me being there, and they tell me how great I am, and how great I look. Not going to lie, that helps a little. They don't know that I just go home and lie on the couch for a couple hours because I feel exhausted.

Walking around campus when I go to work, I feel the undergrads eyes staring at me with terror. I think I'm a walking warning to them all. "This could happen to you."   

As is obvious from my posts lately, I've been knitting a lot. I'm churning out projects like a mad woman. It's the one thing that truly makes me feel relaxed. When I finish a project I almost panic because in that lull that's when the worries set in, and I usually don't have a very good day. Sometimes Tyler will catch me looking a certain way and he immediately says "you need to start knitting something, do you have a project to do?" He knows what I need.

I finished up this sweater a while ago, but just put the buttons on. I feel like the sleeves and body are a bit wide, but it turned out pretty good. I've got four projects blocking today, I'll get those up soon.

Need to get something new on the needles. . . there is a lot on my mind. . . this kid is going to have so many sweaters.

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