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knit hats
knit hats
Here are a couple baby hats I knit up in the last week. The gray one I dyed the yarn myself, which turned out really well. The other is a gift for a baby girl. I currently have 5 other projects waiting for buttons, that's always the slowest part for me.

I am at almost 38 weeks, I guess this could happen anytime, but I'm counting on going a week late. I think I need the extra time anyways! I think I'm still not really comprehending that there is actually going to be a baby at the end of all this.

Recent happenings: I turned a year older, and threw Tyler a surprise baby shower for his friends at school. Nothing crazy blog worthy, just a BBQ and lots of friends. Tyler is in a field (child psychology) where men are a minority, so he has quite a few friends who are very happy for this baby to come. They are so supportive and it was so fun to have Tyler have most of the attention, and watch him open up gifts and show off the baby's room.

I am currently chewing a lot of peppermint gum, practicing my relaxation, and worrying about getting everything ready, all while being kicked in the ribs rather firmly just to remind me of what's about to happen. 

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